Brattleboro Skateboarding Prohibition

Sec. 14-14.

No person shall course, coast, slide upon any skateboard, board, sleigh, sled, vehicle, or other thing, excluding children’s carriages and wheelchairs (with or without motors), upon any sidewalk or on any street or highway except such sidewalks or streets as may be designated by the selectmen.

Sec. 14-15.

It shall be lawful to operate a skateboard in compliance with the regulations set forth in section 14- 16 except it shall be unlawful to operate a skateboard on any of the following public places, streets and sidewalks adjacent to said streets:

a) Numbered Routes:

  • Route 5, Putney Road

b) Downtown Business District:

  • Arch Street — entire length
  • Bridge Street — entire length
  • Bullock Street — entire length
  • Chapin Street — entire length
  • Elliot Street from Main Street to School Street
  • Elm Street — entire length
  • Flat Street — entire length
  • Green Street from High Street to Church Street
  • Grove Street — entire length
  • Harris Place — entire length
  • High Street from Main Street to the intersection of Western Avenue and Green Street
  • Linden Street from Main Street to Cedar Street
  • Main Street — entire length
  • Oak Street — entire length
  • Park Place — entire length
  • South Main Street from Main Street to Pearl Street
  • Walnut Street — entire length
  • Whipple Street — entire length

c) West Brattleboro:

  • Garfield Drive — entire length
  • George Miller Drive — entire length
  • Hayes Court — entire length
  • Melrose Terrace — entire length

(d) All Municipal Parking Lots, including the entire Brattleboro Transportation Center. (Amended 12/2/03)

Sec. 14-16.

Skateboard operators shall follow the applicable provisions of the Town Traffic Code and the following regulations. Skateboard operators shall:

(1) stop operating in order to yield the right of way to any pedestrian;

(2) obey all traffic control devices, use due care at intersections and give hand signals when turning and stopping;

(3) keep to the right of sidewalks and ride in single file;

(4) wear a reflective vest or jacket that can be seen clearly in the dark and/or a white light armband visible for at least 500 feet and red reflector visible for 300 feet to rear while operating from one half hour after sunset until one half hour before sunrise.

Sec. 14-17. Penalty.

Any person who violates any section of Article IV of this Chapter shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00) and the waiver fee shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00).

9 Responses to Brattleboro Skateboarding Prohibition

  1. John Wilmerding says:

    I believe that the prohibition of skateboarding in Brattleboro, as it now stands, is unreasonable and unconstitutional.

  2. LJ says:

    thats unfare you adults complain about how we teens and younger children don’t get out as much and now you take away a activity most kids like to do…I dont like skateboarding but still this is unreasonable.

  3. Paula says:

    I’ve been hearing people say they are opposed to the skate park; the same people who have a problem with skaters in town. How does that make sense? The skate park is a perfect compromise, and STILL people aren’t happy. I have a lot of hope that it can happen, though!

  4. David Cadran says:

    I find it interesting that skateboarding is the only for of transport or sport that is demonized. No ones saying you can’t use a bike or a scooter downtown, infact, they encourage it!

    We need to stop looking at skateboarding as such a negative experience. Skateboarding was one of the first activities that helped teach me to socialize.

  5. Joannne N says:

    I do not understand why people are so against a skatepark when they want their kids and the youth of this town to do healthy things. Skateboarding is a sport and a means of transport and it is ridiculous how people put it down. The people I know who skateboard are wonderful people and a contribution to our community.

  6. JSD says:

    To expect the town to extend the same rights to skateboarders as they do to bikers? Absolutely rational.

    To be self rightous about wanting a specific area set aside JUST for skateboarders? Arrogance? I mean why can’t bikers have a BMX track in town then? Horse folks to have a jousting arena?

    Skaters should have every right that bikers and walkers have. But to want an area set just aside for them, is ego driven silliness.

    If you want it – it should be private enterprise. Buy the land, and build the park. Our tax dollars cannot favor one sport over another.

    • admin says:

      The skatepark is being completely funded through PRIVATE funds. The skatepark will not increase the cost of the town’s insurance. The maintenance of the skatepark is projected to be roughly the same as the maintenance of the lot currently. The skatepark will also be open for those on bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, and wheelchairs. Hardly as exclusionary as baseball fields, basketball courts, football fields, ski lifts, ice skating facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, etc. All of which are funded with PUBLIC dollars in Brattleboro.

  7. flow says:

    poor americans

    we skate everywhere

  8. Grace says:

    Wohh just what I was seeking, welcome the idea for putting cheery. Thanks.

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