Skaters and Advocates collaborating with Town government and community to construct a state-of-the-art skatepark at Living Memorial Park in Brattleboro.

Help us make the Brattleboro Skate Park a reality by emailing us at sk8brattleboro@gmail.com – tell us your name and how you think you can help.

We are fundraising and preparing to hire a design/build firm.  Let’s get this park built!

Brattleboro Area Skatepark Is Coming Advisory Committee Voting Members

Jeff Clark, Chair

Jeff Clark grew up in southern New England and attended school in Vermont.  After receiving his Electrical Engineering and Business Management degrees Jeff and his wife Melissa settled down to raise a family in Brattleboro, Vt. in 1996.  He spent many years coaching Brattleboro recreation department sports. Later on his sons turned to snow sports and skateboarding as their main activities.

Jeff jumped at the opportunity to join BASIC in the fall of 2009 and support Brattleboro’s effort to design, fundraise, and build a skate park. Providing healthy outdoor activities for the skateboarders of Brattleboro area is something he feels strongly about.

Melissa Clark, Treasurer & Secretary

Melissa was born and raised in a small rural Vermont town of 680 people. She earned an associate’s degree in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology from Vermont Technical College, where she met her husband, Jeff. After living and working for a few years in the Burlington area, they settled in the Brattleboro area to raise their two sons, Patrick and Andrew.

There are few options in the Brattleboro area that are free, or of minimal expense, to keep our children/teenagers occupied, off the streets, and out of trouble.  Melissa is committed to this skatepark project because she feels that skateboarding is a healthy sport in which people can exercise, socialize and improve their self esteem.

Joe Bushey, III, Member

Spencer Crispe, Member

Spencer Crispe is a lifelong Vermont resident and 7th generation Vermonter.  He lives in Brattleboro with his wife Renee. Spencer works in Brattleboro as an attorney at Crispe and Crispe Law Offices. He is the 4th generation of attorneys from his family to practice law in Brattleboro. He interests include: Making maple syrup, skiing, civil rights advocacy, skateboarding, heavy metal and punk rock.

He is a big advocate of the straight edge philosophy (which means abstaining from drugs, alcohol and tobacco completely). He has been straight edge for over 18 years. He feels that drugs and alcohol cut into valuable time that could much better be spent learning to kickflip a pyramid while listening to Minor Threat.

Spencer started skateboarding in 1985 and has been a dedicated 100% skateboarder ever since. He enjoys street, ramp, bowls, and all kinds of terrain to skate. Spencer is involved in numerous volunteer groups and committees in both Wilmington and Brattleboro. He is especially interested in helping to improve the community by reaching out to youth and working to provide awesome, healthy outlets for youth to engage in such as skateboarding.

Matthew Rink, Member

Francine Vallario, Member

I have lived in Vermont for 36 years. Having taught for 20 years in Brattleboro I began to think strongly about the need for a skateboard park in our community. With obesity rampant and kids needing to know that we care about them, I feel that a skate park is a very positive outlet for a variety of ages.

I was born in Brooklyn, surrounded by my extended Italian family. When I was eight we moved to Copiague, Long Island. We lived on a canal that went out to the Great South Bay, where sailing and salt water came into my life.

I graduated from Queens College while living in New York. I taught school for eight years in Chualar, California where I was married to a social worker for eighteen years. We adopted Roberto who is African American , Mexican American and American Indian. Except for his first nine months, he has lived in Vermont for his whole 36 years.

I live in Esteyville, across from the Gazebo. I am “Nonna” to my to my grandchildren who are 8, 6, 3, and a new born. Possible up and coming skateboarders.

I worked at the Brattleboro Retreat for one year on the Adolescent unit ; I taught school in Brattleboro for 20 years and retired in 2008. I worked with students giving them extra support in the classroom.

I received a grant to teach Literacy Through Photography which I did for five years. One of my students still skateboards as an adult and he doesn’t have a place to do it. in Brattleboro. I am determined that we are going to build a skate park.



Luke Q. Stafford

Spawned from the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Luke cut his teeth as a writer for local newspapers, eventually earning his journalism degree from Saint Michael’s College. After a few years of living and traveling out West, he returned to Vermont, settling in the outskirts of Brattleboro. As a new media and public relations specialist, Luke keeps his finger on the pulse of modern communications in the digital age. He spends his free time playing guitar, splitting wood, snowboarding, homebrewing and hanging out on the front porch with a gin and tonic with his beautiful wife, Suzanne.

4 Responses to ABOUT

  1. john webster says:

    yes, and we will get it built and go shred! :)

  2. Jake says:

    I’ll skate it every day all day. BUILD IT!

  3. riley rupard says:

    hey I’m from hilltop Montessori middle school. and we are doing a society project about the fundamentals of brattle bro and i was wondering if i could interview someone that is involved with basic

    • admin says:

      Hi Riley,
      I just came across your comment on our BASIC website page. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner; we don’t have someone assigned to monitor this site on a regular basis. If you are still interested in an interview, please email BASIC at sk8brattleboro@gmail.com.
      Melissa Clark, BASIC Treasurer/Secretary

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